My ORIGINAL Ultimate Driving Machine

My Bimmer is my motoring passion.  I've had it a pretty long time, and while it's no longer my daily, it’s still very regularly driven around town and with gusto in the nearby mountains.  Every damn time I'm driving it, I get a huge GRIN on my face.

I've made tons of mods, customizations and upgrades to my 2002 over the years, making it truly my own - and one of a kind.  MY car. My objective is a modernized, performance-oriented custom update of this still-amazing Cult Car, not a purist or collector, original restoration type vehicle.

But I love these great little saloons in all shapes, forms and conditions.  Mild to wild - original 1600s to wide-bodied Gruupe-style race cars and everything in between.  I love the vital and vibrant community of car-crazy zealots and both dedicated and new owners that these four decade old vehicles have and continue to inspire.  I love the history and the engineering of this 'whispering bomb' and its iconic style and its uncanny balance, handling and drivability.

I'm taken in by the visceral 'all-in' full-senses engagement you get driving it:  the raucous symphony from the dual sidedrafts sucking in oxygen as the revs quickly climb, the hard-wired near instantaneous feedback from the contact patch of the tires into the steering wheel, the unobstructed 360 degree view and the amazing line of sight along the subtlety shaped hood pointing you to where you want to be next, and the intoxicatingly aromatic mixture of gasoline, oil, metal, air and rubber that's as potent as caffeine to quicken the pulse.

This is the little car that put BMW on the map here in the USA in the late 60s - that's considered one of the most influential cars of the last 50 years. The performance saloon that left-and-righted so well that it was recognized by enthusiasts amid the height of the late musclecar era.

So why are these cars so damn addictive?

"The engineer in me says: simplicity, balance, power/weight ratio, robust design, driver visibility & ergonomics...

The artist in me says: classic body proportions, subtle curves, big greenhouse, awesome color palette, sporting elegance...

The enthusiast in me says: the sound, the feel, the character... "

The BMW 2002 -- the ORIGINAL Ultimate Driving Machine.  T I M E L E S S.   'nuf said.

The 2002


Model: BMW 2002

Year: 1976

Color: Cosmos Schwarz

Motor: 2030cc M10 4-cylinder

          Normally aspirated (DCOEs)

          Schrick 304, 9.5:1 Mahles

          ~165 HP

Drivetrain: Getrag 245 5-speed

                 3.91 LSD

Wheels: 16x7.2" vintage Epsilons

              205-40 Falken RT-615Ks

Body: Zender airdam

          BMP skirts, valence & wing

          Shaved trim & Fr. markers

          Blacked-out trim

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